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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three reasons why Kuwait Steel could possibly finish elimination undefeated

Kuwait Steel although in their first appearance in Philbacks’ Inter-company division sends a clear message that they really are made of steel with 11-0 win loss card. Eleven teams had tried to erase that “O” in their unblemished record, however failed.

Here are the reasons why Kuwait Steel would end up the elimination round unscratched.

3. Kuwait Steel already beaten Americana–one of the divisions powerhouse with a very good start this conference with 6-game winning streak before giving up a perfect record.

2. The steel company defeated also the defending champion–United COE in one of the most exciting inter-company battle. Kuwait Steel managed to tackle eleven-point deficit and come out as the winner during last Friday’s game.

1. Kuwait Steel has more or less four remaining games in the elimination. Those teams that Kuwait Steel has to face are somewhere below the top four standing as on August 10 updating. I am not taking away anything or looking past those teams but Kuwait Steel chances of winning is high and may stay undefeated going into the quarterfinal round.

Although the first reason may not a guarantee to secure twice-to-beat advantage dahil sabi nga ng mga basketbolista “bilog ang bola”.

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