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Monday, July 8, 2013

David Haye is on board, it is all on Tyson Fury now (Update)

David Haye (left) during his arrival in Kuwait
David Haye reportedly signed the dotted line for a September 28 clash with fellow British heavyweight Tyson Fury.

David Haye wrote on his twitter, "I've just signed to fight Fury on September 28, let's hope he finally agrees (and signs today)..."

So the ball is in with Tyson Fury's court now, to decide to finally sign the contract and let this fight happen.

Haye and Fury has been calling out each other on twitter and seemed not in agreement with purse split.


Tyson Fury reportedly signed also the contract that David Haye had signed on Monday. So the fight is officially on for September 28 at Manchester Arena, England.

Many boxing fans have been waiting for this fight to happen--especially the British boxing fans. I think the hype for this fight will be like Malignaggi-Broner. Haye and Fury had been trading blows on twitter already these past weeks.

It is exciting to find out how far Haye and Fury will trash against each other out on social media. It is a trending norm now in boxing wherein the fighters involve will be trashing against each other out in social media: especially on twitter to the point that it is not good at all for the younger generation of boxing fans, for the sake of promotion.

Twitter trashing, as we can see, worked out well on Malignaggi-Broner. It took much fans attention as both men spit nasty words  against each other and that "girl" thing added also impact to its success. Although even before the fight was official, media was criticizing the match-up as 'insignificant' for both fighters.

Expect a lot more from Haye-Fury.

Let's stay tuned for this match-up and find out.

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