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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Milan “El Metodico” Melindo fight preview and prediction

Milan Melindo taking on Tommy Seran

TBRB rank number one in the flyweight division, Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada will defend his WBO and WBA titles against undefeated Filipino tactician Milan Melindo in a 12Round slugfest in Venetian Casino & Resort, Macau, China on July 27, 2013.

Estrada 24-2 (KO 18) will be coming in fresh from his win against Filipino-American, Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria on April 6, 2013 in the same arena in Macau. Viloria is very eager to take a rematch against Estrada to prove that he is still the top-dog at 112pound division. But Top Rank boss, Bob Arum gives the shot to Milan Melindo.

Milan Melindo 29-0 (KO 12), easily handled Indonesian Tommy Seran on his last outing, also in the same date and venue in Macau, China, wherein Viloria-Estrada was the main event. Melindo knocked out Seran in the fourth round. After a short night with Seran, Melindo got a chance to watch Estrada dealing with Viloria. Melindo is confident that he can handle Estrada.

Estrada is the taller and having the longer reach. He stands at 5’4” and has 66” in reach. While Melindo stands two inches shorter at 5’2” and 64” in reach. Estrada has the substantial advantages in this department. He will be able to use these advantages if he chooses to fight Melindo from the outside to maintain a striking distance. But if he likes to stay toe-to-toe—have each other in striking distance—the two-inch advantage in reach and height will have no significant difference.

The difference would be who has the superior ring technique and better conditioning. I can’t say that both men have power in their hands—their KO percentage will not lie. Although, Estrada has the slight edge, wherein he stopped 69 percent of his opponent while Melindo got only 41 KO percentage.

The key for Estrada to win is to stay outside, keep the distance utilizing his height and reach advantages, and use his footwork. Estrada had problem with pressure fighter. Roman Gonzalez defeated him by applying tremendous pressure. To avoid getting pressured, Estrada should utilize the whole ring and win on points.

The key for Melindo to win is to pressure early on Estrada. He should fill the gap that Estrada will impose. He should keep coming inside throwing combinations. But he must come in with angles that would make him difficult to counter. He should avoid pot shots.

Melindo, which is a more of a boxer than a puncher, should adjust more on the offense. The fact that he is the challenger, Melindo should put on a performance that he is willing to unset Estrada from the throne once held by a comrade.  I believe he can do it because he has a decent chin.

If Melindo can engage and handle Estrada on a phone booth battle more that Estrada can handle a fight from the outside: my final verdict is that Melindo will win via unanimous decision.

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