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Monday, July 15, 2013

Top three boxing bloody riots and stampede

Boxing without a doubt, is being considered as a dangerous sport along with other combat sports. Boxers put their lives at risk every time they lace a pair of glove and enter the squared circle for the sake of entertainment. But not only boxers were in danger during a live boxing match. Spectators and boxing officials as well, at times are in danger when someone forgets the meaning of sportsmanship.

Here are my top three boxing bloody riots resulting to spectators and boxing officials trampled to death or suffered injuries while in attendance for a boxing match.

Dodie Boy Penalosa vs. Julius Tarona – In August 12, 2005 when I am just 17 years old I saw live on TV how the riot went on. The fight was held in Cebu Coliseum, in the Philippines. Chairs were flying all over the ring resulting to injuries. It was also reported that somebody fired a gun but fortunately no fatalities in the incident

Penalosa, his trainer Jun Buouli, promoter Wakee Salud and referee Gerardo Villarante were all under preventive suspension by the Games and Amusement Board after the bloody incident.

John Riel Casimero vs. Luis Alberto Lazarte – In February 10, 2012, Philippines John Riel Casimero stopped Luis Lazarte in the tenth round to capture the vacant IBF junior flyweight belt in Lazarte’s hometown in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lazarte, being knocked down in round nine, was clearly betrayed by his legs during the tenth round. He was just holding on at Casimero to keep going. He was pinned to the ropes and Casimero unleashed unanswered combination and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Later on bottles started flying all over the ring and followed by chairs. Then the Argentine fans rushed into the ring and attacked Casimero and his team, journalists, boxing officials and anyone who tried to calm the situation.

Sean Gibbons, manager and international agent was beaten badly and likely suffered a broken rib. Casimero and his team suffered minor injuries. But Casimero, if not pulled under the ring, might have beaten up badly. Referee Eddie Claudio was also sent to the hospital for mouth injuries.

Yulianus Pigome vs. Alvius Rumkorem – In July 15, 2013, local boxers in Indonesia compete for the Bupati Camp (Regent Cup) in Kota Lama Sports Stadium that caused riot after hometown favorite Yulianus Pigome was beaten on points. Pigome's fans got angry with the discrepancy in scoring.

The riot claimed at least 17 lives. Mostly women died at the stampede when more than a thousand spectators’ descended to the stadium exits. Spectators were trampled to death as they fled the riot. There were also nine children out of 39 injured according to Nabire Police. The government deployed at least 1, 250 police officers and soldiers to Nabire, Papua, to maintain security.

This is by par the most fatalities caused by a riot in a post-boxing match that I’ve ever heard.

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