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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gonzalez vs. Mares result: Gonzalez bulldozes Mares in Round 1

The expected "fight of the year" candidate turns out to be "upset of the year" candidate.Jhonny Gonzalez proved that he was never near a 'shopworn' fighter, going into the fight at StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA, against the undefeated and former sparring partner, Abner Mares. Gonzalez now improves to 55-8 (KO 47) stops the heavily favored young champion, Abner Mares. Gonzalez catches Mares with a devastating left hook that sends him (Mares) down for the second time in his career. And Gonzalez ultimately knocks him out for good and take that 'O' in Mares's ledger.

Mares on his way to the floor

Mares now dropped to 26-1-1 (KO 14) was able to got up from the knockdown but was very wobbly. Gonzalez didn't let the opportunity slipped and finished Mares off with barrage of combinations that Mares took before going to the floor and the referee did his job to waived it off at 2:55 in the very first round. Gonzalez known that if Mares had recovered he will be in for a long night, with an outcome that might not be in his favor.

With the win Gonzalez's career revitalized and it will be a different story now in the featherweight division.

Mares will be out for good on SPB's undefeated boxers lists.

Mares said that he will take time with his family, and as what Gonzalez had said to him, Mares will definitely become a champion once again because he is still young and tonight was just a tripped up of his career and tonight is Gonzalez's night. This is what I like the sport, when boxing scribes, writer and analysts scratching their heads astounds by the result that they don't expect that includes me. I predicted Mares to win. Boxing as always continues to surprise everyone.

What about a rematch?

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