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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fortuna vs. Franco ends up split draw in a very strange judging

ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights Judge, Chris Ritter seemed had his eyes lights-out even after the house-lights at Buffalo Casino were put back on after it went out in the first round. The fight between Fortuna and Franco was stopped and resumed only when the lights went on again.

The fight declared a split-draw at the scores of an odd 99-91 for Franco from Judge Ritter, 96-94 from Judge Jerry Griffin for Fortuna and 95-95 even, from the other judge.

Teddy Atlas, at ringside saw it the other way around, also at 99-91 but in favor of Fortuna and is furious about Judge Ritter’s score. He mentioned that there should be somewhat policing on the judges.

“…somebody better do something about policing these judges...”

Javier Fortuna’s flaws I noticed on his performance against Luis Franco.

Javier Fortuna was impressive in his previous bout against Zamudio, Cruz and Evans, knocking all of them in less than three rounds. He was explosive and is expected to render the same performance against Franco.

Franco told during the pre-fight interview that Fortuna never fought a live opponent like him.

That was really the case as Fortuna, although landing the crispier shots, could not deliver the goods that he is expected to bring.

Fortuna was throwing power punches that most of them did not find its mark. He is looking for one big shot that never happen. I think his major flaw was that he was not able to adjust. In fairness to Franco, he is a kind of fighter that can’t be caught right away with those power, yet somewhat telegraph shots. Fortuna needs to set them up with effective jabs.

At age 24, Fortuna, can still hone his craft and could still be the fighter his handler envision him to be.

Kermit Cintron vs. Jonathan Batista

In the co-main feature of FNF, Cintron look to revitalized his career but only settled into a somewhat gifted unanimous win against Jonathan Batista.

The only remarkable on Cintron’s performance is that he did it wearing a pair of shoes having different colors.

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