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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Deontay Wilder knocks out Siarhei Liakhovich in round 1

Deontay Wilder deliver the goods in a brutal manner, crushes Siarhei Liakhovich in 1:43 in the very first round. I am expecting this will end in a knock out, but not in round 1.

It is a short night for Wilder, who does not even drop a single sweat. When the bell sounds to signal the start of the first round, Wilder look to box more and establish his jab. He moves around, throwing counter quick jabs and lands them.

Wilder is just about to step a little bit of gas, lands a jab, Liakhovich backing up towards the ropes and boom! that's it. Just like that. A good right hand ends the fight.

Liakhovich drops with his back on the floor and his legs seizures like that of Fernando Montiel, when Monteil was got knocked out by Nonito Donaire. But Referee Tom Tailor stops Liakhovich right away and did not bother to count.

Wilder now 29-0 is still untested with that win. That was still an easy work for him. Although Liakhovich is clearly in the downhill of his career at 37. Liakhovich was expected to put on some experience on that fight, but he just can't do that.

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