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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jhonny Gonzalez and the Top Six First Round Knockouts of 2013

Every boxing fan loves to see knockout-ending fights than those fights that last to the distance. There is a tendency of unfair decision once the result being laid to judges’ hands. Bias decisions happen almost in a weekly basis. That is why, for me, the best judge is the fighters’ fists: knockout your opponent, no questions ask, you are the winner.

Sometimes, ‘knockouts’ would stun not only the fighter that is being knockout, but also to the fans that were watching. Why it happen too soon? Have you ever felt that a fight is not worth your money because it ends so soon? Here are my top six stunning first round knockouts thus far in 2013.

Number 6 – Deontay Wilder vs. Siarhei Liakhovich

In this fight Wilder 29-0 (KO 29) is heavily favored to win but not at least in the first round. The fight was expected to be good while it last. But that is not the case. Even before some of the fans settled to their sits, Wilder already blowout Liakhovich 25-6 (KO 16) 1:43 in the very first round.

Number 5 - Edwin Rodriguez vs. Denis Grachev

Denis Grachev 13-2-1 (KO 8) have noted wins against Ismayl Sillakh, whom he stopped, took Zsolt Erdei's ‘O’ in his ledger, give Lucian Bute one hell of a fight. But Rodriquez 24-0 (KO 16) bulldozed him in less than one round, official time 2:50.

Number 4 - Shinsuke Yamanaka vs. Jose Nieves

Japan’s Shinsuke Yamanaka 19-0-2 (KO 14) knocked out his challenger Jose Nieves 22-3-3 (KO 11) of Puerto Rico with a lightning straight left to retain his bantamweight title in Tokyo. I wanted to see some more action from this fight, but the champion was coming out smoking in the very first round. The referee waived it off for the helpless challenger, at 2:40 in the beginning round.

Number 3 - Javier Fortuna vs. Miguel Zamudio

Javier Fortuna 22-0-1 (KO 16) made his hands looked like a machine gun: firing nonstop of ammunition into Zamudio. It was a tremendous beating that made the helpless challenger flat on his back and was carried out by a stretcher. Really, it was a mismatch that ended at 1:08 in the very first round.

Number 2 – Chad Dawson vs. Adonis Stevenson

Chad Dawson 31-3 (KO 17) went back up into the light heavyweight division after his knockout loss to Andre Ward at the super middleweight division. He wanted to prove that he is still the top dog at light heavy. But Stevenson 21-1 (KO 18) unleashed a powerful punch that sent Dawson to the dreamland. He managed to get up but the referee was not sold even he said that he is okay. The referee stopped the fight right away at 1:16 yet again in the very first round.

Number 1 – Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez

The expected ‘fight-of-the-year candidate’ turns out to be the ‘upset-of-the-year candidate’. Abner Mares was the heavy favorite. Even before the fight, his promoter, Golden Boy Promotion already talks about a possible showdown with Santa Cruz.

Boxing writers and experts expected an action packed fight that Mares will definitely win. They write off the hard hitting veteran Jhonny Gonzalez. That includes me, predicting Mares to win by stoppage in the middle rounds.

However Mares was caught by one of the best left hooks that landed its target. Mares was able to get up and beat the count, but never regain his footing. Gonzalez did not let the opportunity slipped through his hands. He jump immediately to a wobbly Mares and finished him off with multiple shots at 2:55 in the first round. The fans were like… what? That’s it? A question which I feel similar to saying that I am not satisfied I need my money back. Hey! This is boxing. This is not a concert that you can yell to the performer and say more! more! more! 

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