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Friday, August 16, 2013

Freddie Roach:"If Manny slips camp he's done"

Commentary│Multi-awarded trainer-of-the-year and Manny Pacquiao’s long-time trainer Freddie Roach said in an interview on Fight Hub TV via YouTube that “if Pacquiao slips camp he’s done”.

A clear indication, that Freddie Roach is worried on the consequences, if his top-pupil keeps on slipping training camp. Manny face-first knockout defeat in December 2012 against long-time rival, Juan Manuel Marquez is blamed on outside-boxing commitment, which Pacquiao did during training camp. This claim is immediately right after the fight, but now, prior to his comeback fight against Brandon Rios in November, after almost a year off, becomes him being careless on that fight.

During the press tour Pacquiao keeps on elaborating that the big right hand that landed on him was just a lucky-punch. He told that during that fight he was in superb condition. Marquez reacted on this and said that he practiced that shot during training camp and even knockout two sparring fighters with the same shot.

Whatever it is, whether Pacquiao got careless, or he was not focus during training, the question is: Will Pacquaio still does the same mistake?

The same mistakes like: slipping training camp because of politics, show-business or anything that distracts the former eight-division champion during his training.

Freddie Roach is very clear in predicting the consequences if Pacquiao will continue to be distracted and interrupted during training camp---he is done.

The likes of Bernard Hopkins and even his longtime rival Juan Manuel Marquez continues to win besides advance age because of focus and dedication towards training camp.

I think this time, the ability of Pacquiao to manage time, which he was admired in the past that he is good at, is no longer good at it (because he keeps on winning despite distractions). It is time for him to learn when to play and when to work. But being a congressman is another work. So, this will answer another question: What is Pacquiao’s first priority if he is on training and will be called in the Philippine Congress.

In another interview on Boxing Channel Coach Roach told that Pacquiao learned his mistakes and improves. Well, let us see, because this kind of drama will continue to pop-up as both men will start their training camp. I am very excited on what will be the story angle for 24/7 series for Pacquiao side of training.

What make it more exciting to me is that the venue of the fight is in Macao, which is only several flying-hours away from Manila. I hope Manila-Macao will not become like a bathroom to kitchen trip for Pacquiao once he start his final leg of training in Macao. Quick trips will be very evitable if Pacquiao might be called to Manila for pressing concerns as a congressman.

Coach Roach plans to train Pacquiao for six weeks. Five weeks in the Philippines and one week in Macao.

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