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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nathan Cleverly vs. Sergey Kovalev: Fight Preview and Prediction

Transnational Boxing Ranking Board (TBRB) rated number five boxer Nathan Cleverly fights TBRB rated number four to defend his WBO light heavyweight title. The fight will be held in Cleverly's territory in Wales on Saturday, 17 August 2013 on HBO, that's Sunday morning in the other side of the planet. Although this fight’s not held in the boxing capital of the world in Vegas, but this fight is big in its own little way for both men.

Cleverly is undefeated in 26 fights and is looking for recognition inside the squared circle, so with Sergey Kovalev, which is also undefeated in 21 fights. The records itself speaks for it. Two hungry fighters, in a clash and are in the verge of losing the precious “O” in their respective records. Both men will enter the ring undefeated and only one will come out with unblemished record intact unless otherwise this fight will be declared a draw or no-contest. But the possibilities to have these outcomes are rare.

If you look at Kovalev’s record, 21-0 and stopped 19 of his opponents, a stunning 86 KO percentage. But who are those he defeated? That’s another question. But this will not take out the truth that this guy can punch. Not just can punch, but he is really a hard puncher. I just hate to write the unfortunate thing that happen to one of his opponent. It hurts. A puncher’s chance is at his side when he is trailing on the scorecards. A single punch right in the button could stop Cleverly and scores on the cards doesn’t matter at all.

Cleverly is fighting in his territory which is an advantage. There is what we called in boxing “hometown decision” which I am sick about. I don’t know why it becomes a culture in boxing. An obvious reason is to avoid violent reaction from the crowd. So what? If a hometown hero deserves to lose, then he should. And fans should learn to accept. Kovalev’s decision to cross the Atlantic and fight is a brave move. Kovalev is ready for everything.

Cleverly, told that Kovalev’s KO after KO wins gets him more motivated with the fight. He said, he will surprise the hometown crowd that he can outbox Kovalev and can knock him out. He said he will fight with his heart and skill. Cleverly embrace this fight because this is the fight he wanted and he was not intimidated with Kovalev’s notoriety.

I expect an all out war in this fight if Clevery will be lured to fight toe-to-toe, which is not a good idea to fight Kovalev, but Kovalev’s power punches will started to take effect in round 7 and he will stop Cleverly in this round bringing home the title with him to the other side of the Atlantic.

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