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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Can Alvarez silenced Lara?

One thing that Saul Canelo Alvarez don't like about Erislandy Lara is that Lara "talks too much", says Canelo. I agree, Lara really talks a lot. If he's not talking, he'll not be able to get this fight against Canelo. In Canelo's post fight conference with Angulo, Lara asked Canelo "when can we fight". Canelo answered that he has to "wait".

But, Canelo was not able to keep his word and instead fight Lara next. I think Canelo's ego was hit at what Lara did in the post fight conference. And he's taking the fight personal. So, his ultimate mission is to silence Lara on fight night. I think Canelo has the tool to do so. He's bigger, and for me, much more powerful.

But, Lara is a precise puncher from the distance. He's also a southpaw, by default is a problem for orthodox because orthodox needs to adjusts. He needs to be precise from the distance if he wants to win against Canelo.

I look at their previous fights against common opponents, in Austin Trout and Alfredo Angulo. Lara won with ease against Trout. Canelo won but struggling against Trout. Angulo dropped Lara twice before stopping him in Round 10. Canelo dominated and stopped Angulo in Round 10 also.

But Canelo I'm sure was not 100% on Trout fight. He was sluggish and hydrated too much during the fight. With Angulo, he's too quick and too strong. I think he learned a lot on his fight against Mayweather.

Lara, was drop twice by Angulo, I suspect his chin. And Canelo punches harder than Angulo. With regards to speed I think Canelo is not light years slower than Lara. Against Floyd yes. But against Lara, I think its pretty even.

Now for me it boils to one thing. Who will be able to take one's best punch, and will able to come forward, will win. And I think that's Canelo. He will silence Lara on fight night.

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