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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Golovkin stops Geale in Round 3

gennagennady golovkin vs daniel geale result golovkin stops geale in round 3

The hard-hitting Gennady Golovkin has again proved that he can do the same thing what he's been doing -- not just any middleweight, but against real middleweight contender and former champion, Daniel Geale of Australia, knocking Geale out in Round 3, at the Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

Geale, who now dropped to 30 wins, 16 by KO with three losses, started the fight more active, using foot movement and slipping most of the power punches. But was not throwing something of note. He went down in the first round but that was due to a slip. He was also cut over the right eye.

In the second round, Golovkin dropped Geale, this time with a punch, but he was able to get up immediately. Geale has been officially down for the first time in his career in the second round. The two losses of Geale in his career prior to his fight were all from split decisions.

In the third round, Golovkin, who now improved to 30 wins, 27 wins, by way of knockouts, without defeat, stepped up his game plan and tried to close the gap, applying tremendous pressure on Geale who was able to smother and slips punches extremely well in the first two rounds. Golovkin was able to pin down Geale towards the ropes and the they exchanged right hands.

Geale even beat Golokin to that exchange, landed clean on Golovkin's face, but as Golovkin's own right hook landed (although Golovkin was hit first) still has tremendous power and sent down Geale again for the second time. Although Geale was able to get up immediately after the knockdown, referee Mike Ortega stopped the fight, as Geale was in no position to continue. Geale was shaking his head when ask if he's okay. The official time of the stoppage 2:47 in Round 3.

After the fight Golovkin was asked by HBO's Max Kellerman who he will fight next and he answered that he wanted the best middleweight out there.

"My focus right now... I want unification fight... there were a lot of champion... Miguel Cotto... Peter Quillin." said Gennady. "If you have preference who would that fighter be? Who do you want first?" asked Kellerman again. "Miguel, I respect him Cotto..." said Golovkin.

"Does your game plan change from fight to fight or depending on the opponent or you just Gennady Golovkin search and destroy guy and doing the same thing for everyone?" ask Kellerman. "This is my style, this is my fighter style... this is my style like the Mexican style, this is not game, this is fight and I love fighting." answered Golovkin with a charming smile.

With the win, Golovkin continues his knockout winning streak:17 straight victories by way of knockout.

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