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Friday, July 11, 2014

Erislandy Lara: "The Cuban style is the best style in boxing"

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Erislandy Lara talks about what is the best style in boxing. And for him it's "the Cuban style". I'm excited to to hear what will be the reactions of Mexicans on this statement.

During the final press conference of the anticipated clash between Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez and Erislandy Lara of Cuba, Lara pointed out that the best boxing style is the Cuban style.

"The Cuban style is the best style in boxing.  Everybody knows that we win the most medals at the Olympics, at international tournaments.  And that's shown throughout our history." said Lara.

Well, Lara has a point, the Cuban boxers had tremendous success especially in amateur boxing. One good example, is Lara's countryman Guillermo Rigondeux, which is I think, the most decorated amateur boxer in the sport before he dominate also the pro-ranks. And here is a link of the TOP TEN best Cuban Boxers complied by Marty Mulcahey of, a new boxing website inaugurated today. You can read it here:

Cuban style found success in the amateur ranks because of its adherence to the basic fundamentals and tactical aspects of boxing. However, in the pro-ranks, the decorated amateur boxer Rigondeux had been branded as "boring" even by a network -- where his fight aired, when he schooled Nonito Donaire.

In professional boxing, which is purely business and entertainment, tactically sound fighters were usually branded as "boring". Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an exception because he compensate his style with his relentless verbal attacks outside the ring, coupled with his promotional antics, using all sort of social media. But boxing purists of course praise tactical and scientific boxing approach.

The tactical style, which tends to be Cuban's preferred style, will win fights (most likely on points), but at times, will not win fans. Whereas all-out brawler, (a fighter who fights toe-to-toe) normally earned fans -- win or lose -- which the usual Mexican style.

It is very exciting to see whose style will prevail for the Canelo-Lara match-up. Lara will bring the typical Cuban style, while Canelo presents the Mexican usual style. Both men have faced common opponents in the past, that has different fighting styles. Austin Trout is a slick fighter that Canelo struggled, but won. While Lara Dominated Trout. Another fighter is the hard-hitting, pressure fighter Alfredo Angulo that Canelo dominated from round one until the referee stopped the contest in round 10. While Lara was dropped twice by Angulo before he (Angulo) quit in round 10. Here's a video that "Shosport" released that discussed the common opponents of Canelo and Lara. Click here:

On Saturday night, whose style do you think will win? And what other factors that will contribute that win?

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