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Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm too busy, to write for this diary

19:00H July 4, 2014

Dear Diary,

Yeah! I'm too busy for writing a post for you. But look here I'm still writing this very post. I can't help it. Even if I told myself to shutdown my other blog because I'm busy, but still I'm writing post for you.

I don't exactly know why I'm doing it. Somehow, I thought it's just a waste of time. Who cares what I write? And who cares if I don't write?

In fact, my day job demands my full focus and attention nowadays. As a recruiter, I need to mobilize around 1000 manpower starting this July until December.

Everyday, I sleep only for six hours. The moment I open my eyes -- the first thing that come up to my mind is boxing and started reading an article. Then I go to work for 10 hours, it started at 8:00 AM, lunch break at 1:00 PM, back to work again at 2:00 PM and go home at 5:30.The moment I got home---again boxing.

With the tremendous pressure I have at work, writing and following boxing is my stress reliever.

This sport is just too addicting. And I'm addicted to it. Yes I'm a boxing addict. I agree I'm not knowledgeable about its history. I just love watching two people trying to hurt each other, but embrace each other after the fight. It's all about SPORTSMANSHIP!

Retech Son

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