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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maidana: "He's [Floyd] not that great, he's not that superhuman boxer"

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME®

During the Los Angeles press tour of the Mayweather vs Maidana rematch, Marcos Maidana says that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is "not that great" or "superhuman boxer".

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"In my first fight against Floyd, I learned that he's not that great, he's not that superhuman boxer everybody talks about. If I wouldn’t have been so anxious looking for the knockout, I would have beat him." says Maidana.

But with the above being Maidana said, he has proven to his self that Floyd isn't the superhuman boxer everybody talks about. In the first fight, he cut Floyd. He bulldozed Floyd to the ropes that the undefeated American boxer almost went out from the ring. Maidana won several rounds -- that no other fighters did -- except Jose Luis Castillo.

Well, literally of course Mayweather is not superhuman boxer. But he made those fighters; he met in the ring look extremely bad. They look like ordinary fighters in front of Floyd. Then, I don't know how you'll call that. That even includes those who are perceived to give Floyd problems prior to the fight. Ask Canelo Alvarez.

In Floyd's career he made only one rematch -- against Jose Luis Castillo for the lightweight world title. In the first fight many believed Castillo won. Many had criticized Floyd and he gave Castillo a rematch right away. But in the rematch, it was totally a different story. Floyd dominated Castillo. The fight didn't look as competitive as the first fight.

Maidana anticipates what will happen in his rematch with the best boxer in the planet, and says Floyd is going to run around the ring. "I think Floyd is going to run around the ring. In our first fight, he said he was going to stand up and fight and he didn't. So, I wouldn't surprise me if this time around he does the same thing."

Mayweather will of course do the thing he did best and that includes a lot of footwork and ring usage. The burden is on Maidana on how to sustain the kind of assault that won him rounds.

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