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Friday, July 11, 2014

Canelo: "How will I beat him? With speed, movement and combinations"

During the final press conference of "Honor and Glory" PPV fight card, Saul Canelo talks about how important his fight with Lara and how he will beat him.

"He might not have the most recognizable name, but in the boxing world, everybody knows he is the most dangerous opponent.  This will be a very important victory." says Canelo. "How will I beat him?  With speed, movement and combinations." added Canelo about how he will beat Lara.

Canelo is talking about speed, movement and combinations as the tools he need to beat the man considered as the most dangerous opponent for him out there. Speed and movement has been the edge Lara has, according to several boxing observers. Reading into a lot of fight previews and prediction around the web, pundits says that Canelo's advantage is his size and power. 

Canelo is struggling against Austin Trout, because in that fight he has heavy legs. And he looks tired and sluggish in the later rounds. What made him win is that he landed the heavier and telling blows. He was tagged too with combinations, but he's size withstands all those punches. With regards to combinations, of course he can unleash combinations once Lara is in the punching range.

Against Alfredo Angulo, Canelo was able to land combinations, because we know Angulo, he loves to stay in the pocket and throw his own power punches. And Canelo's power and precise combinations made the referee stopped the fight.

For Lara to win, he needs to use what Canelo mentioned. Lara needs to move with speed ahead of Canelo. And throw combinations, then stay out of the pocket before Canelo mount his counters.

As for Canelo, I think he needs to utilize his advantages. His power and size. He needs to cut the ring, corner Lara and pound him with what he told -- combinations. He needs to impose his size against Lara while he's (Lara) is in the ropes.

Against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Canelo tried to match Floyds speed. He tried to outbox the best boxer in this planet. That didn't work. Wherein the conventional wisdom is that he needs to engage Floyd into a slug-fest. A tactic that has success early for those who tried. The only thing is that they were not able to sustain throughout the fight as Floyd adjusted later on the fight. Ask Miguel Cotto and Marcos Maidana.

Although, Lara is no Floyd. But "out-boxing" (using the speed and movement he mentioned) would not be the perfect way to beat Lara.

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